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Make your

Life Smarter


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Control Everything at Your Fingertips


Run Personalized Schedules


Talk to your Home and control with your voice

Live in the Future

One App for all Devices

Control all your devices with one app without having to

have individual apps, use it on your Smart Phone, Tablet or your PC.

The IProOs is compatible with all devices, keep your devices organized in your app, categorize them as Living Room, Balcony, Hallway, Bed Room etc based on where they belong.

Fortify your Home sweet Home

360 Smart Security for Your Home

Make your home safer and more secure, Fortify your home using IPro security system. Automated sensors for lighting and motion help you safely enter doors and walk down hallways late at night. The security cams, door lock and the alarm system will keep burglars away from your home.

The IPro Security System allows you to monitor the comings and goings of guests and alert you when suspicious activity is detected, Doors can be locked, security system armed and cameras monitored from your phone, PC or just by your voice, creating a safer and more secure environment for you and your family .

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Secure Your Home And Surroundings

Lock your doors from anywhere with your smartphone or open doors to welcome your friend even when you are not home. Secure your home in style, The Smart door lock powered by SPELEC comes with a fingerprint and password lock system that can be controlled using your smartphone via the app or the panel available on the Door Lock. Forgot to lock your door no worries it's just one click away. The IPro SMART DOOR LOCK makes your life easy and gives you full control of your door lock system.

Get eyes of Protection around your home

The IPro Smart Camera gives you the ability to have an eagle's eye on everything that's happening around your home. It accompanies a motion detection feature which can detect intruders that are trespassing your property and notify you, it also comes with an alarm system that triggers on detecting suspicious moment in the surroundings, which helps you to keep unwanted guests away from your premises.


Benefits and Features of Spelec Smart Home


Wireless connection and configuration

Connect wirelessly, no need for extra wiring or renovation of your switch boards.


Secure and Trustworthy

Secure your home and surroundings to keep you and your family safe for a bright future.


Works without Internet

Control all your devices locally even when there is no internet, turn them on, off or schedule them with no problem.


Energy Efficient

The smart sensors help you Save electricity, which helps you save money. 


Customizable on your need

Customize your product or the plans based on your need, choose which is best for your house don't settle for less.


Save Money

Automate your home at a very low cost for a luxurious life, save on electricity bills.


Easy Installation and 0-Maintenance

Convert your home into a Smart Home with less effort and ease, install your devices easily on your own or using an electrician.

Our Complete ecosystem

Smart Hub

Smart Switches

Smart Security System

Motion Sensors

Smart Lights

Power Management

Smoke Sensors

Smart Tank Control

Door / Window Sense

Smart Shades / Curtains

Air Flow Management

Air Conditioning

Multimedia Sensors

Smart Thermostat

Control all

   your devices

     with your voice           using Alexa.

Modern House

Our Smart Home Plans

Automate your existing devices using one of our plans

Basic plan for smart home

*All Plans are Customizable based on Your need. For More details, please click on select your favorite plan.

Powerful Computer
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